The world of Deumer


Deumer has been pioneering the development of cufflinks and other small accessories since 1863. With many trendsetting innovations, for example the adoption of electrolysis bath gilding, vitreous enameling or the fixed link as variation of the until than common chain link. For over a century, people all over the world have been accompanied by cufflinks, money clips and other accessories from this owner-managed family business, now in its 6th generation.


Lüdenscheid, seat of the company, is situated in the heart of a region looking back at over 2000 years of metal production. The earliest documents tell the story of family run enterprises, passing on their knowledge from generation to generation. First there was iron ore, then came the skill and by the 13th century forged products were traded to Flanders, England and Bohemia. Gleaming shields and the famous chainmail are probably the most exiting products from this age. Is is here, that Deumer was founded in 1863, home in the Gartenstraße since 1902.
1905-1936 Wilhelm Conze

The history is inextricably linked with the pioneering spirit of Wilhelm Conze. He took over the company from Deumer's son Hugo, who had remained without children. Wilhelm had lived four years in England and was fascinated by the elegance, the fashion and the accessories of the Edwardian Style. He modernised the manufacturing and the factory building, invested in craftsmanship-training and created the department for accessories for men. It was his pride to release a new collection of cufflinks, money clips and tie-pins every year mirroring the then current style. The generations that followed him have felt themselves bound to this task and his ideals till today.
1930 Blue Ribbon

Between 1838 and 1952 the nations competed for the fastest passenger liner sailing between Engand and the New World. 1930-1933 Germany succeeds in winning the highly sought after blue ribbon with the MS Europa. Fascinated by maritime shipping since the 1920th, Wilhelm Conze created his cufflinks "Blue Ribbon". Then, as today, the blue ribbon represents Deumer strive for technical progress, fired by the idea to be the best.
1945-1994 Britsh Rhein-army

Though itself supplier of decorations for army and politics between 1933 and 1945, Deumer becomes the supplier of numerous decorations to the British Rhein-Army from 1945 until the disengagement after the fall of the wall.
1962 Bauhaus

With this collection Deumer remembers the famous period of architecture and art. Gottfried Conze develops the clearcut and simple design language of the cufflinks Bauhaus made from 925 sterling silver. Combined with gemstones or clear vitreous enamel, the Deumer cufflinks Bauhaus still belong to the most sold cufflinks.

1996 - Porsche hood emblems

From 1996 until the change of material and method by Porsche, Deumer is the only supplier world wide, licensed for the manufacture of the hood emblems of the German sports car manufacturer. Till today Deumer manufactures the hood emblems of many different volumes since the early sixties. Copper is used as the base material, vitreous enamels as colors and 18 carat gold as finishing. It not only creates its luster, but also protects Porsche's hallmark from corrosion. Custom work is one of Deumer´s core competences

2006 - FIFA Football World Cup in Germany

As official FIFA licensee, Deumer manufactures, among another things, a limited solid 925 sterling silver edition of the coveted trophy for the soccer world cup. It immediately becomes a thought after collectors item and memento of the summer tale.


Since 2007 presents at the PITTI UOMO in Florenz. The PITTI is the most important and at the same time extravagant mens fashion exhibition worldwide. For 10 years Deumer has been an exhibitor in January and June at this event, where first class manufacturers of mens fashion and accessories meet with their agents and clients from all over the world to discuss the newest products and trends in mens fashion.

2015 - My hunting grounds

With the collection My hunting grounds Deumer enters new territory in 2015. In elaborate hand craft spent cartridges are used to create unique cufflinks with links from sterling silver and 18 carat gold. The collection My hunting grounds is enthusiastically received by passionate hunters and further expanded by wrist bands, bangles and other accessories.

The Manufactury Deumer 2018

Still and as one of the last companies at it's original location in the middle of Lüdenscheid, the manufactury has constantly been renovated and kept up to date. This includes the historic building as well as all machinery necessary to manufacture the precious products
Look into the future

Friedrich Assmann and Johan Conze are tasked with the managing of the Deumer Manufactory since the 1990. Friedrich Assmann is in charge of the manufacturing and continuously develops the possibilities and significances of the products. Johan Conze and is sales team are the relevant contact persons for the clients from around the world.